Causal mechanisms of a lifestyle intervention for patients with LBP and OA

News Hopin

We’re getting more and more interested in understanding how our interventions might work, or why they may not work. To do this, we’re using causal mediation analyses to tease out how much of the treatment effect is channelled through hypothesised mechanisms (or the targets of our treatments). We think this is particularly important to do because our treatments are often multi-faceted (ie. complex interventions) and are therefore likely to work through multiple mechanisms. Knowing which mechanisms are at play could guide how we implement effective interventions. If the intervention is ineffective, knowing which mechanisms were faulty would give us useful information to go back to the drawing board to adapt our interventions.

Amanda will be presenting the results of this paper at the next Back and Neck Pain forum in Oslo, and we have almost prepared a draft of the main paper.

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