The International Back and Neck Pain Forum 2017

The Centre had a big presence at the recent International Back and Neck Pain Forum in Oslo. The Forum is a meeting that gathers together the best researchers in the world in the primary care space. If you’re interested in any of the studies particularly you can click on the links to look at the abstracts.

Amanda gave two oral presentations; describing her systematic review of MSK pain as a risk factor for chronic disease, and the mediation study aimed on understanding treatment effect mechanisms in two RCTs. Both the talks went really well and generated plenty of discussion. Hopin picked up an award (for the 2nd Forum in a row!) for a poster on a mediation study looking at the mechanisms of pain education interventions, he also participated in the new ‘Speaker’s Corner’ section, outlining the challenges of incorporating consideration of implementation in the design of clinical research. Kate, Bruno and Tie couldn’t make it to Oslo, but had a poster each. In particular, Tie’s systematic review of backpack usage and back pain in children generated a big buzz, and plenty of interest on twitter afterwards. Mike and Steve both spoke in a session focused on pain in children. Mike described the results of his systematic review looking at the relationship between pubertal development and pain, and Steve talked about a study that shows links between pain frequency and smoking, alcohol use, and mental health in adolescents.

Chris, Steve and Hopin presented two workshops which were really about serving up the ideas and background to the work Centre for public consumption to see what other researchers in the field think about what we are doing. One more focused on children (with Zoe Michaleff from Keele) and the other on adults (with James McAuley from NeuRA). Both of them ended with half an hour of discussion from the conference attendees.

At different times all of us received lots of really positive feedback; both about the quality of what we are doing, and the ideas that we are exploring. It was especially nice to get this reinforcement from some of the biggest names in the back pain research world. I think we made an impression on the conference generally, and left with some great energy to keep things going.


Mechanism evaluation of a lifestyle behavioural intervention for patients with low back pain who are overweight or obese
Amanda Williams, Hopin Lee, John Wiggers, Steve Kamper, Kate O’Brien, Rebecca Hodder1, Luke Wolfenden, Sze Lin Yoong, Elizabeth Campbell, Robin Haskins, Emma Robson, James McAuley, Christopher Williams

Adverse health risk indicators in adolescents with back pain
Steve Kamper, Christopher Williams, Zoe Michaleff, Paul Campbell, Kate Dunn

The relationship between growth, maturity, and spinal pain in adolescents: a systematic review
Michael Swain, Steve Kamper, Chris Maher, Carolyn Broderick, Damien Mckay, Nicholas Henschke

Do musculoskeletal conditions increase the risk of chronic disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal cohort studies
Amanda Williams, Steve Kamper, John Wiggers, Kate O’Brien, Hopin Lee, Luke Wolfenden, Sze Lin Yoong, Emma Robson, James McAuley, Jan Hartvigsen, Christopher Williams

Understanding how patient education improves outcomes for patients with acute low back pain. Causal mediation analysis of the PREVENT trial
Hopin Lee, Markus Hübscher, Adrian Traeger, Ian Skinner, Steve Kamper, G. Lorimer Moseley, James McAuley

Is schoolbag use a risk factor for back pain? A systematic reviewl
Tiê Yamato, Chris Maher, Christopher Williams, Adrian Traeger, Steve Kamper

Clinimetric testing of the Lumbar Spinal Instability Questionnaire
Bruno Saragiotto1, Chris Maher, Chad Cook, Charles New, Mark Catley, Mark Hancock, Paul Hodges

Acceptance of telephone-based weight management and healthy lifestyle intervention among patients with low back and neck pain
Kate O’Brien, John Wiggers, Amanda Williams, Elizabeth Campbell, Rebecca Hodder, Luke Wolfenden, Sze Lin Yoong, Christopher Williams


Lifestyle-related health risks and low back pain: potential for impact but where to next?
Christopher M Williams, Steven J Kamper, James McAuley, Hopin Lee

Is musculoskeletal pain part of the public health picture in children?
Steven J Kamper, Christopher M Williams, Zoe A Michaleff

Simplifying complex interventions: A unique approach to informing implementation strategies
Hopin Lee, Christopher Williams, Steve Kamper, Rebecca Hodder, Luke Wolfenden


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