SPRiNG 2017


The team here at the Centre is buzzing after hearing from some inspiring individuals earlier this week at SPRiNG 2017 (Sydney Pain Researchers: the Next Generation). SPRiNG is a one-day symposium that aims to bring together researchers and students working on similar topics in the area of musculoskeletal health. Amanda, a PhD candidate from the Centre, recaps her day:

It was 4.20am, I could lie and say I jumped out of bed eager to get to SPRiNG but even the most studious PhD candidate would choose glorious sleep over such an early start. After a train ride from Newcastle to Sydney I started to wake up and was glad I made the effort. I was looking forward to hearing from the line-up of esteemed researchers and sharing ideas and struggles with the other PhD students and early career researchers.

We heard from Professor Vicki Flood who discussed the challenges of increasing research capacity in clinical practice and offered strategies to overcome these. After a much needed coffee, we returned to hear from Professor Rob Herbert who taught us how observational data should be treated differently depending on if we are looking for causal effects versus examining predictors of a condition. Professor Ian Harris followed and described his research which looks to find out the truth about whether common orthopaedic surgeries actually work (why hasn’t this been done before?!). Lastly, Professor Luke Wolfenden taught us all about implementation science, an area of opportunity for musculoskeletal researchers. All in all, I got the vibe that the attendees enjoyed all of the presentations – question time was lively!

Then it was lunchtime – my favourite part of any day.

After lunch, we heard from Elliott Richardson who taught us some tips for getting our research out in the media and then it was time for the much anticipated informal poster session. Basically, the posters are displayed simply to break the ice – to start a conversation. It worked a treat, the room was alive with chatter in a few short minutes. I found myself chatting to a few people about systematic reviews (a particular interest of mine).

After a wrap-up from our very own Chris Williams (including a few Dad jokes) the end of the day had arrived, but not before a quick brainstorm about where post-SPRiNG ‘networking’ (food and beer) would occur.

Interested in attending the next SPRiNG? Follow @theICECReamBlog (International Collaboration of Early Career Researchers) on Twitter to keep in the know!

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