Grant Success! Bruno was successful in winning a grant from the São Paulo Research Foundation


Some good news at the centre! Bruno was successful in winning a research grant and fellowship by FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) for developing telehealth research in Brazil (~$350k). The project will include three Cochrane reviews on telehealth on chronic conditions plus the development of a telehealth program for chronic pain and testing through a randomised controlled trial. This will complement the research in telehealth being conducted at the centre and expand our links to Brazil.

The project will also include two new collaborators: A/Prof Blake Dear, who is a NHMRC Research Fellow, Clinical Psychologist, Co-Director of the eCentreClinic ( and a Core Project Team member of the MindSpot Clinic (, based at Macquarie University, Australia. And A/Prof Leonardo Costa, who is a clinical researcher, physiotherapist, and coordinator of the Master and Doctoral program at Universidade Cidade de São Paulo, Brazil.

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