Dr Hopin Lee

Hopin Lee

Hopin Lee, BPhty, MPhty (research methods), PhD

  • School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle.
  • Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit and Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford.
  • Honorary fellow – Neuroscience Research Australia.
  • NHMRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Hopin completed his undergraduate and master’s training in Physiotherapy at the University of Otago, New Zealand. After a brief period of clinical work, Hopin undertook his PhD at Neuroscience Research Australia and the University of New South Wales. His PhD focused on identifying causal mechanisms in the clinical course and treatment of back pain.

Currently, Hopin is a joint postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Medicine and Public Health – University of Newcastle, and the Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit and Centre for Statistics in Medicine – University of Oxford. Hopin’s research is focused in understanding the mechanisms of complex interventions (mostly in rehabilitation). That is, understanding how treatments work, or why they fail. He is also applying this work to find efficient ways of implementing research findings in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Hopin is also interested in using online technologies as a source of data, and as a tool for delivering public health interventions.

Hopin has published in general medical and discipline-specific journals. He has presented on more than 30 occasions at local and international conferences. He has secured national-level fellowships throughout all his postgraduate and post-doctoral training to support his research. Hopin has also received project funding to conduct methodological research that aims to improve the transparency and accuracy of reporting mechanism studies in healthcare. Hopin peer reviews for general and discipline-specific journals, and is an associate editor for a clinical pain science blog called Body in Mind (www.bodyinmind.org). He also co-leads a collaborative initiative that aims to support early career researchers (theicecreamblog.com).

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