Ms Rebecca Kate Hodder BA (Psyc), MAppPsyc

School of Medicine and Public Health, The University of Newcastle
Program Manager, Hunter New England Population Health

Rebecca is a registered psychologist, population health research practitioner and an early career researcher with a Bachelors Degree and Masters in Psychology from the University of Newcastle, and is a current PhD candidate at the same University. Despite not having yet submitted her PhD (planned submission end 2017), she already has 38 publications, 33 of which are in peer-reviewed journals (another 14 under review) and 12 of which she is the first author.

She has published in leading journals such as Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and the International Journal of Behavioural Medicine, and invited submission to a number of journals, including a special edition of Best Practice and Research Clinical Rheumatology journal for low back pain which is currently in press and a special issue on declining youth drinking in the Drug and Alcohol Review.

Rebecca has 204 citations (Google Scholar 15/08/2017), a rate that has doubled over the past 5 years. She has presented her work on more than 20 occasions (14 international conferences) and has already established a successful track record of research funding having been awarded just under $1 million from competitive funding schemes (including $250K for the evaluation of a state-wide health initiative currently under embargo). She has received multiple awards for her including an Early Career Award from the International Congress of Behavioural Medicine.

Rebecca currently supervises 3 PhD students and numerous health service and research staff, and her first honours student recently completed with first class honours. She is a member of numerous research groups including the University of Newcastle Priority Research Centre for Health Behaviour Implementation and Scalability Special Interest Group for the International Behaviour Nutrition and Physical Activity Society) and holds numerous professional memberships (including the Psychology Board of Australia, Cochrane Living Systematic Review Network). She participates regularly in peer review, including 2017 NHMRC project grant review, grant review panels (PRCHB) and journals including Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and Addiction.

For her PhD Rebecca led a large (>10,000 students) cluster-randomised controlled trial of a school-based resilience intervention to reduce adolescent tobacco, alcohol and illicit substance use which also included assessment of pain outcomes. She was Research and Evaluation Manager on Australia’s largest childhood obesity trial, Good for Kids. Good for Life which has been awarded multiple awards including the National Preventive Health Agency Research Translation Awards and is the basis of NSW child obesity policy.

Rebecca’s research interests include public health interventions to address preventable risk factors for chronic diseases; understanding the intersection between musculoskeletal pain and health risk behaviours in children and adolescents; the potential for resilience interventions in children and adults, including chronic pain populations; implementation science and the translation of evidence-based guidelines into routine practice; and systematic review approaches and methods, including living systematic reviews. Her current projects include a NHMRC funded musculoskeletal outpatient program at the John Hunter Hospital, aiming to improve disability and reduce tobacco use for low back pain patients awaiting orthopaedic consultations via the implementation of a healthy lifestyle program; an evaluation of a state-wide substance use prevention program in NSW primary schools; and a pilot program utilising Cochrane Collaboration ‘next generation’ evidence systems to transition an existing Cochrane Review she leads into living mode.

See Rebecca’s publications here.