Michael Swain, BChiroSc, MChiroprac, MPhil
PhD Student, Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, School of Public Health, University of Sydney.
Lecturer, Department of Chiropractic, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie Univeristy

Mike completed his degree in Chiropractic at Macquarie Univeristy in 2004. Since then he has worked as a chiropractor in private practice. He has worked with athletes at both the community and elite levels, and he has a clinical interest in sports injuries. Mike has a Master of Philosophy in sports injury epidemiology from Macquarie University, and he has published journal articles in the sports injury field.
Mike is currently completing a PhD at the University of Sydney, in the area of adolescent musculoskeletal disorders. His publications in the field include analyses of the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study (HBSC), which is a large World Health Organisation collaborative cross-national survey of adolescent health and health behaviours.

Mike has experience in observational studies, systematic reviews and analytical techniques used to assess risk and causation. He has 12 years of lecturing experience across a broad range of subject areas that include musculoskeletal diagnosis, biomechanics, anatomy, public health, and epidemiology. He has presented at national and international conferences, and he has been a member of state and national conference organising committees. Recently, he was competitively appointed as a Program Fellow of the Chiropractic Academy for Research Leadership (CARL).

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